#SaveSexEd - Anatomy For Intermediate Students

Thanks once again to graphic artist Greer McNally who created a whole bunch of sexual anatomy diagrams for you to use as part the Anatomy Puzzle activity described in the video! You can download the PDFs below:

Internal Sexual Anatomy (Ovaries, et al.)

Internal/External Sexual Anatomy (Testicles, et al.)

External Sexual Anatomy (Vulva)

Anatomy Terminology

You'll notice that the diagrams show the external and internal anatomy of the clitoris. Did you know the clitoris has an internal structure? I certainly didn't until just a few years ago. If you watched the puzzle demo in the video, you may have noticed that Greer and I included the clitoral legs as part of the puzzle.

I've never seen an internal sexual anatomy diagram that includes the inside bits of the clitoris. Even the outer clitoris is a no-show in a lot of external sexual anatomy diagrams. As the proud owner of a clitoris, I find it strange - and by strange I mean sex-negative and misogynistic - that its inclusion in sex education is seen as optional.

We don't even want to name or identify parts of the body connected to pleasure. Then we wonder why folks raised as women and girls have so much trouble asserting themselves sexual when they get older. I'm not here for any of it - that's why my sex ed includes the clitoris!