#SaveSexEd - Anatomy For Primary Students

If you need diagrams to do the anatomy exercise outlined in the video, you can download them here. Just a heads up that these are illustrations of naked humans, so if that's NSFW for you, best to have look outside of work. If you'd like a more modest version, our amazing artist Greer McNally has provided an alternative illustration feature a happy kiddo wearing a supahfly watermelon bathing suit. You can download that here.

Greer very generously volunteered her time and talented to #SaveSexEd. She created all of the illustrations and diagrams for the project simply because she wanted to y'all to have the materials you needed. If you, or someone you know needs graphic design work done, Greer would be more than happy to chat with you. You can check out her Instagram here, or shoot her an e-mail at greer.e.mcnally@gmail.com