#SaveSexEd - Sexual Orientation For High School Students

Here as promised are questions you can use for the Privilege Walk activity I outlined in the video. FYI, I didn't but should have mentioned, that I didn't invent the concept of the Privilege Walk, it was developed by Rebecca Layne and Ryan Chui for a class at George Mason's School for Conflict Analysis and Resolution.

1. If you don't have to be concerned about how elderly relatives might react to your orientation, step forward

2. If you could not marry your partner anywhere in the world, step back.

3. If there are people who believe your orientation is a phase or that you're too young to know "what you really are", step back.

4. If you've never had your sexual orientation referred to as a "lifestyle", or "agenda", step forward.

5. If people ask you to explain what your sexual orientation "means", step back.

6. If anyone has ever referred to your sexual orientation as "greedy or "not being able to choose", step back.

7. If you see characters who share your sexual orientation widely represented on TV and in movies, step forward.

8. If you have to take your sexual orientation into consideration when making travel plans, step back.

9. If you can be affectionate with your sexual/romantic partner in public without worrying about stares, or rude comments, step forward.

10. If you've never heard anyone refer to themselves as tolerant, inclusive, or an ally for treating you decently, step forward.

11. If most people have a general understanding of what you mean when you tell them your sexual orientation, step forward.

12. If there are people who think children are too young to know about your sexual orientation, step back.