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There’s not a whole lot about parenting that’s not difficult, and having conversations about sex with your kids is certainly no exception. Nadine Thornhill is an outstanding resource for parents looking for tips on how to have meaningful conversations with their kids at any point in their lives.
— Mike Reynolds, dad and author.

Considered one of Canada’s foremost experts on child and adolescent sexuality, Nadine Thornhill has been helping people make positive, informed choices about their bodies, identity, and relationships since 2006.

Nadine’s experience as a sex educator is vast and varied. She got her start as a workshop facilitator at Venus Envy, a sex-positive boutique in Ottawa, Ontario. She went on to become Program Director for Planned Parenthood Ottawa’s sex education drama troupe, Insight Theatre. A few years later, Nadine moved to San Francisco to study at The Institute For The Advanced Study Of Human Sexuality, earning a certification in Sex Education, followed by a Doctorate of Education.

Upon returning to Canada, Nadine established a sex education practice in her hometown of Toronto, Ontario. She’s since worked with institutions such as The University of Toronto, The Center For Sex Education, George Brown College, The EDGE Program, The University of Western Ontario, The Unitarian Universalist Association, Carleton University, The 519, and the Toronto District School Board. Nadine has taught hundreds of people in private sessions, online events, conference presentations, and speaking engagements.

Nadine has written for several publications, including Today’s Parent, The Huffington Post, and The Yummy Mummy Club and she runs an active YouTube channel with over 150 videos, including her acclaimed series #SaveSexEd.

In her spare time Nadine enjoys escape rooms, weekend hikes with her partner and son, and watching bad television with her very large fur baby, Albus Dumblecat.

Work With Nadine

Amazing! Everyone in the office is talking about how great of a talk it was. Thanks for taking the time to present today!
— Elsa Barreto, Centre For Reaseach on Violence Against Women and Children, University of Western Ontario

If you’re looking to expand your knowledge, Nadine facilitates a range of workshops on topics including consent, sexuality and race, sexting, safer sex, healthy relationships, and more!

Need a speaker for your next conference, corporate event or panel discussion? Nadine knows how to connect with audiences by delivering powerful messages in relatable ways!

Nadine has consulted on course curricula, film, theatrical productions, and app development. If you need sexuality-related guidance for your next project, get in touch!

Nadine is a media-savvy expert available to provide commentary on a variety of issues involving sexuality and sex education!

To book Nadine for an event, or to find out more about her availability and rates, click the button below!

Nadine On YOuTUBe

Part of Nadine’s mission as a sex educator is to provide information that’s as widely and easily accessible as possible. In May 2016, she launched her YouTube channel, a place where anyone with an internet connection can drop in and watch videos on topics ranging from explaining where babies come from to using themes from Black Panther to discuss gender dynamics!

Nadine’s channel also features the acclaimed series #SaveSexEd - over 30 video lessons covering every sex education module from Ontario’s most progressive Health and Phys Ed curriculum.

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